Guest Bloggers

Do you host a website, magazine, blog, or organization for pregnant women and mothers? Are you looking for great content that your moms will love to read? We would love to partner with you to help spread the word about cervical dilation. Please contact us to learn more about guest blog contributions.


Doula Spot

Dr. Martin was honored to share this guest blog about cervical dilation examinations with the fantastic website, Doula Spot. In this article, you can learn what cervical dilation is and how healthcare providers obtain this "mysterious" measurement. After reading it, the whole process will be "demystified."


Preg U on Medium

Preg U is a virtual university for pregnant women. This funny article features the truth behind the accuracy of cervical dilation measurements and why it matters for you. The best part is a phenomenal graphic demonstrating exactly how big each "centimeter" of dilation really is!


Thrive Global

Elm Tree Medical Inc. is honored to be a part of this blog post on Thrive Global, a wellness-focused news source, that highlights the creativity of six mothers. Each mother solved a pressing need for obstetrics or pediatrics by inventing an innovative medical device- in our case, DilaCheck!