Birth Story

Ride the Wave: Floating Through the Centimeters

Special thanks to Bailey Gaddis for sharing her transcendent birth story with us. Like many mothers, she was desperate for labor to start after she passed her due date. But once things got started, cervical dilation measurements played a major role along the journey: from determining if it was time for admission to the hospital to causing her doctor to decide to break her bag of water to determining that her dilation was too far advanced to get an epidural.  Read on to see how she harnessed her inner strength throughout her birth experience. You can find the full story in Bailey's book, Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood, available on Amazon. Inspired by her beautiful story? Check out her website, Your Serene Life, where you can learn about hypnobirthing and childbirth classes.

To Be in the Hospital or Not to Be: Jen's Natural Birth & When to Go to the Hospital

One of the biggest questions moms face as they head from early to active labor is: Is it time to go to the hospital yet? Once they're at the hospital, clinicians will check cervical dilation to determine whether it's time to be admitted to the hospital or it's safe to keep laboring at home. We are so grateful to Jen for sharing her birth story below, in which she experiences both sides of the spectrum of the "Is it time yet?" conundrum, from "Definitely go home and labor" to "We can't move you from this bed!" Jen is an inspirational blogging mom and author, and her website Fit Lovin' Mama has incredible resources for moms interested in fitness. She's even authored a book for post-pregnancy fitness! Read on to learn more about this fit mama's beautiful birth story.