Elm Tree Medical is changing women's health care.


Elm Tree Medical Inc. is a medical device company that aims to disrupt the status quo in the medical device industry through designing, developing, testing, and selling novel medical devices to improve women's health care. Women make 80% of health care decisions, and they comprise 57% of outpatient clinic visits. Women are more likely to use medical devices than are men. Yet the FDA identified development & testing of medical devices for women as an unmet need. By focusing on elegant solutions to women's health care needs, Elm Tree Medical fulfills this mandate. We are passionate about innovations that help women on the local, national, and global level. We design and develop the tools practitioners need to provide the best care to their female patients and the products women desire to optimize their health. We employ rigorous scientific and clinical testing standards to our devices. We partner with patients, health care practitioners, and research scientists to offer the best possible products to the women we serve.


Management Team


Eva Martin, MD

CEO & Founder

Andrew Perlman, MD, PhD

Chief Advisor

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