Cervical dilation measurements are 50% accurate, but they guide the majority of decisions in labor.

Designed with mothers in mind, DilaCheck is a soft, small measuring tool created to address this pressing obstetric need.


We are currently developing our first device. If you are a health care practitioner who  works on Labor & Delivery, an expecting parent, or just curious, please contact us.


Elm Tree Medical Inc. was founded in Summer 2015. We are developing a novel medical device to address a pressing issue in women's health care: cervical dilation measurements. We are dedicated to innovating in this important field.


We are located in San Francisco, CA. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our device or sharing your #DilationMatters story.

Imagine: An objective measurement of dilation, at your fingertips... literally!


Cervical dilation measurements play an important role in labor and delivery. Watch our #DilationMatters videos or read our Dilation Matters Blog to be inspired by the moms who have generously shared their birth stories with us, illustrating the many ways cervical dilation influences labor.


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